Mortgage Financing

Now available in Mexico with Zion Developments & SoBankable
Unlocking the potential of homeownership in Mexico

This is made possible through mortgage financing, a specialized loan tailored
for acquiring real estate such as homes or properties.

Zion Developments takes pride in offering innovative mortgage financing solutions designed to simplify real estate ownership in Mexico.

Mortgage financing is an arrangement that enables homebuyers to secure funding from mortgage lenders, typically banks or mortgage companies, to purchase properties. The property itself acts as collateral, providing security for the lender in case of payment defaults by the borrower.

Our dedicated finance program is crafted to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking to own vacation homes, foreign residences, or investment properties in Mexico. We understand the significance of making homeownership accessible and have partnered with SoBankable to provide exclusive mortgage financing options to our valued clients.

Key Highlights of Mortgage Financing with Zion Developments
Flexible Financing Solutions 

We offer flexible mortgage and financing solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and convenient borrowing experience.

Exclusive Financing in Prime Developments 

Our commitment to excellence extends to offering exclusive mortgage financing options in all our exceptional real estate developments, setting us apart as the premier provider in Huatulco.

Streamlined Application Process 

Through our partnership with SoBankable, we’ve streamlined the mortgage application process. You can submit your application online through SoBankable’s portal or via fax/email, receiving a response from their underwriting team within 24 hours.

Efficient Processing 

Once your mortgage offer is unconditional, SoBankable initiates the preparation of mortgage documents and funds your mortgage upon execution. The entire process typically takes between 4 to 7 weeks*, ensuring timely financing for your property purchase.

Expert Guidance 

SoBankable provides expert guidance at every step, ensuring a smooth process from application to funding. Whether it’s navigating property ownership regulations or completing required documentation, they are there to assist you.

Documents Required for Mortgage Application

A complete mortgage submission typically includes a loan application, credit report (provided by SoBankable), proof of income, satisfactory property appraisal, copy of an executed Offer to Purchase (if applicable), and other necessary documents based on property type and use.

Mortgage Timeline in Mexico

While mortgage processing timelines vary based on factors such as property location and due diligence requirements, residential mortgages in Mexico generally take between 25 to 45 days to complete.

Prequalification and Loan Process

SoBankable prequalifies borrowers for the maximum loan amount based on available down payment and income criteria. The loan processing and underwriting are conducted in SoBankable’s office in Edmonton, Alberta.

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*Please note that financing timelines may vary based on property location and appraisal processes. Unlock your dream property with Zion Developments and SoBankable’s exclusive mortgage financing solutions today!