About us

ZION DEVELOPMENTS is a multi-faceted real estate company which builds, preserves, and renovates residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects. Zion is proud to be locally based in Huatulco, Oaxaca. The company actively engages and supports the community through a variety of charitable activities.



Mr. Criddle is best defined as a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the investment and real estate industries. Mr. Criddle’s greatest passion has always been for real estate proven through his full range of real estate products such as private equity funds, a mutual fund real estate trust, multi-family development and land development.

Mr. Criddle is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada. Oven the last 20 year Mr. Criddle has travelled to all areas of Mexico which took him to the coasts of the Mexican Pacific and finally to Huatulco. Immediately upon arrival to Huatulco he felt well received by a supporting community and area like no other that is best described as true paradise, This feeling later casued Mr. Criddle to name his company Zion, which means Paradise. It reminded him of the town where he grew up and above all saw the great potential for future growth. Immediately together with his wife they made the decision to move to Huatulco, where they are currently waiting for the arrival of their fourth child and they are very happy that He is birth in Mexico, especially Huatulco.

It is important to emphasize that Mr. Criddle’s experience and knowledge is diversified to many industries such as real estate development, workforce accomodations, real estate finance, self storage, natural gas power generation, alluvial gold extraction, import/export, and restaurant hospitality industry.