Currently, despite being going through a complicated economic scenario, with high inflation and little economic growth, specialists in the field confirm that it is a good time to acquire a property.

Economist data indicate that the real estate sector could grow by 20% compared to previous years, therefore, it is a good time to bet on this economic sector. If you still have doubts, then we will show you some reasons why to do it:

Sunrise Villas

Interior view of the Villa


A good way to grow your money according to the bank is through the acquisition of a property, however, when acquiring it you have to take into account some characteristics such as location, infrastructure and future growth. Zion Developments seeks that its properties meet these characteristics and thereby ensure long-term returns.


Many specialists both in finance and in the field of real estate assure that it is possible to find properties or lots at auction or pre-sale price, which is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to acquire it since they give you a preferential price and which gives you more possibility to generate higher yields.


Investing in a property can be less risky than investing in stocks, metals or any other type of investment, since real estate will always increase its purchasing value in an area where there is growth and demand. We hope that with these reasons you decide to acquire a property, but not without first carrying out a detailed investigation of the property you want to acquire. At Zion Developments we advise you and invite you to learn everything about Sunrise Villas, a project on the Oaxaca Coast, an area of high added value, full of natural and cultural beauty. Contact us and start investing in real estate today.

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