Turn your balcony or terrace into a unique and relaxing space

It does not matter if you have a large terrace or a small balcony in an apartment in the city or on the beach, adapting an outdoor space will be of great help to create a relaxed and stress-relieving environment. Below, we leave you some tips so that you can give your balcony or terrace another life and stop being a space just for drinking coffee or clearing your mind and that it can also be a space to exercise, yoga or share it with friends and relatives.


Plants fulfill various functions, in addition to promoting more relaxing spaces and stimulating concentration levels, improving air quality and reducing stress, they also create the illusion of a larger space. In small balconies you can opt for the option of vertical gardens. In the same way, plants can create an intimacy effect for your balconies. Some plants for interiors and resistant to low light can be: lilies, ferns, cacti, ficus or bamboo.


Invest in outdoor materials that are resistant to the elements such as rain, sun, etc. Some material recommendations are bamboo, cane, rattan, polyester or polywood. These materials can merge for chairs or tables that can be placed on terraces or balconies. Remember to use neutral and calm colors that can combine with everything. If you are thinking of putting some type of fabric outside that is directly exposed to the sun’s rays, we recommend checking fabrics that are resistant to UV rays and water.


Lighting is also important to generate a warm touch at night, remember that if you combine plants with spotlights, this can be aggressive for the plants due to the heat emanated by the spotlights. The ideal would be to use led lights since they do not emit heat Like incandescent bulbs, you can play with a cascade of LED lights or a vintage type bulb to create a better harmony.


Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Look around your house for all the materials you can use to give your terrace or balcony another atmosphere and play with them until you create something you like. Some materials that you can reuse could be sheets, mattresses, curtains, candles, cushions, etc.

We hope that with all the above advice you will be encouraged to personalize the balcony or terrace of your apartment and make the most of this space, and if you are still thinking of buying an apartment on the beach, do not hesitate to contact us, we are the best option to invest in property estate.

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