Tips to use your bonus intelligently

At this time when the Christmas and New Year holidays come together with the well-deserved Christmas bonus that we hope for throughout a year worked, we want to give you some tips so that you can use it intelligently and make the most of it. Next, we leave you a small list of tips that can help you:


Investing your money will always be a good option, since it will help you grow your money in the future and at the same time it will increase its value. Allocating a percentage of your Christmas bonus to investments will be the best gift for you and your family.


Don’t spend all your money on gifts. Plan well what you want to give or buy and become a hunter of special offers and discounts that many establishments offer in these times. Do not miss the opportunity to support local commerce and purchase products in small or medium-sized stores in your area.


Paying your debts is highly recommended advice, since it will help you not to generate more interest on your debts and that this type of interest consumes you. By paying debts you will be taking care of your financial health in the future, remember that it is important not to spend more than you earn, since this way you will be able to settle your debts more easily and prevent them from becoming something that you will not be able to finish paying.


Being protected and protecting those you love most in case of an emergency is a good way to invest a part of your Christmas bonus, since in case of an emergency the insurance will help you cover a large percentage of money that you may not have available at that time. moment. There are various insurances such as medical, car, home, etc. Investigate and acquire the one that best suits you.

There are endless tips that can help you use your bonus intelligently, however, the tips mentioned above are what most experts recommend, in addition to the fact that there are percentages that experts in economics and finance suggest is allocating 10 % on personal purchases, 20% for the home, 10% for fun, 30% to pay debts and 30% for savings. We hope these tips work for you and that you manage to apply and maintain them in the future.

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