Tips to take advantage and enjoy your property on the beach to the maximum

Currently, the Real Estate sector has been favored compared to 2019 and 2020, however, as of 2021 and 2022, a slight recovery began to be noticed in the real estate sector in Mexico, being favored by the proximity of the United States and Canada. who travel to Mexico in winter seasons, as well as the same local tourists who seek to escape the routine and spend their vacations on the beach.

For all of the above, it can be determined from an investment perspective that the real estate sector currently enjoys favorable points to acquire a property at this time. It is important to mention that in addition to seeing the purchase of a house or apartment as an investment, it can have multiple benefits.


Some of the characteristics that will make your property on the beach attractive in case you want to rent it out and get a greater benefit from it are:

Proximity to the beach: Most people who seek to escape from routine look for the beach, therefore, an apartment or house near the beach increases the chances of being rented in case of renting it, in addition to being proven that living near the sea has a favorable impact on health.

Light Interiors: Light tones or natural touches in the interiors of the properties contribute to a feeling of calm, cleanliness and tranquility as well as providing the feeling of rest after a long day. When decorating the interiors of your vacation home it is important to take this into account.

Air conditioning: Beach destinations in Mexico, especially in Oaxaca, can reach temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius in summer, so the use of air conditioning will be necessary to keep a cool room and help you rest.

Amenities: The first few days after arriving at a new destination it is great to go out and discover the nearby restaurants, bars and cafeterias, but as the days go by it is comfortable to stay at home and have everything without having to go out, that is why it is recommended that your Vacation home has good amenities such as pool, terrace, pool, streaming services, wifi and a small bar.


Now that you know what characteristics your vacation home should have, we give you some of the benefits that a home near the sea can bring you. Some of these benefits can be:

Save money and time on lodging: Without a doubt, the costs of lodging on vacations are too high, which often means that you cannot stay longer, however, having your own home will take away that worry.

You can generate additional income: If you do not plan to stay in your vacation home all year, you can rent it, and generate very good additional income, for this you can use the Airbnb platform which will facilitate remote management.

Housing to enjoy your golden years: Finally and one of the greatest benefits is being able to enjoy the comfort of a home on the beach once working life, raising children, etc. has ended. Enjoying resting or doing new things in your vacation home will be the best investment.

Now that you have all this information, we want you to be encouraged to invest in your future while generating income. Zion Developments has a large portfolio of homes just a few steps from the sea on the magnificent and unique coast of Oaxaca in Mexico. Contact us and acquire properties at an exclusive price.

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