“Primer Viernes” or “First Friday” What is it?

Primer Viernes, or “First Friday,” is a popular celebration in the coastal town of Huatulco, located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. This unique event brings together locals, pilgrims and tourists alike for a night of music, dance, food, and culture.

The origins of Primer Viernes date back to the 16th century when the Spanish colonized Mexico. The Catholic Church established the tradition of First Fridays as a way to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This tradition was later adopted by the indigenous people of Mexico, who added their own cultural elements to the celebration.

In Huatulco, Primer viernes is celebrated at the beginning of Lent in the area of Bahia Santa Cruz. The celebration begins in the late afternoon, with vendors selling traditional foods and drinks, such as tlayudas and mezcal (a type of agave-based alcohol).

As the night goes on, carnival rides are lit up, local musicians and dancers take to the stage to perform traditional music and dances, such as the danzón and the zapateado. Visitors are often invited to join in the festivities and learn some of the dances themselves.

Primer Viernes is also a time for the community to come together and showcase their traditional crafts and artwork. Local artisans set up booths around the plaza, selling everything from hand-woven textiles to intricate wood carvings.

Overall, Primer Viernes is a vibrant and lively celebration of Oaxacan culture and tradition. It is a time for locals and tourists to come together and experience the rich history and heritage of this beautiful region of Mexico. If you happen to be in Huatulco on the first Friday of Lent, be sure to join in the fun and see what makes Primer Viernes such a special event.

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