Pluma Hidalgo: Magical place for coffee growers

In the direction of the Sierra de Oaxaca, is Pluma Hidalgo, a small town that is characterized by being internationally recognized as a coffee region, which also manages the best quality standards during the cultivation of this magnificent fruit that wakes us up every morning. Another of the characteristics of this magical place are the beautiful landscapes that offers small banks of fog that form during the day, revealing incredible scenarios.

Once you arrive in Pluma Hidalgo you can find different activities to do, such as tours of coffee farms while you taste a delicious coffee, walks through the town or bicycle tours, both options will take you to know every corner of it’s magnificent community, while you enjoying a natural environment.

Without a doubt, for the inhabitants of Huatulco it is an excellent option to get out of the routine, since it is only 1 hour away and you can also enjoy a cold climate without having to travel further. Currently, Pluma Hidalgo has excellent lodging options and local restaurants that will make your stay more pleasant.


It is important to mention that in addition to the fact that this community mainly produces coffee which is its main source of income, corn, cocoa, vanilla and different regional fruits such as guava can also be found on its land. Visiting the community greatly favors the economy of the inhabitants and encourages the consumption of organic products. We invite you to venture out to explore every corner of Oaxaca and fall in love with this magnificent state.

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