5 Benefits of living near the beach


You will notice that people always seem happier at the beach. Waves from the ocean generate negative ions in the air, which are associated with an increase in mental energy, among other benefits. In addition, just staring at the blue water can have a peaceful effect on you.

Reduces stress

Mentioning stress, the beach provides an ideal escape from the stresses of the world, whether it is work-related or from personal issues

Improves sleep quality

Researchers found that listening to ocean waves can result in reduced muscle tension, and more even heart rates, both of which promote better sleep.

Better physical health

The air from ocean-bound areas tends to be much cleaner than the smog that exists in many large cities.

Increased creativity

If you are a songwriter, painter, designer, or another creative mind, the beach may just be the ideal place to live or hang out.

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